Are you ready for a monster discussion on base training, the Maffetone Method, and more training geekery? Base Training Running. I definitely am – and this. Dr. Maffetone’s unique training system for champions proves that the kinder, gentler approach actually works the best. This fitness regimen has worked for. For 30 days I have followed the Maffetone Method, building my aerobic base by slowing down and focusing on low heart rate running and.

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Like most athletes he was skeptical at first, but in just a few short months began seeing results and has since gone on to maffetkne books with Maffetone and encourage others to explore this style of training. On almost every single run the last few weeks, my first mile was the fastest, and I got progressively slower each mile until I finally stop. Beyond the running component, Maffetone is focused on whole body health and while his program certainly leads to faster runner over time for many his main goal is healthy long term running.

30 Days of Low Heart Rate Running (Maffetone Method)

So with the Maffetone MethodI hope to take a step back and reboot my long-term fitness training as I also focus on long-term dietary changes and natural, healthy eating. I could run as much as I wanted so long as I stayed under the HR provided.

About Amanda Brooks Amanda Brooks is an long time distance runner with a passion of every facet of running, which leads her to do more reading, research and running than necessary. Would you be willing to slow down to get faster? The carb cravings were finally dissipating. Mmaffetone conditions all lined up perfectly.

Run as close to your target heart rate as you can for the entire test 4. I was running on a hot, sunny day a few days ago, and while running the same pace, my heart rate would maffettone instantly jump from bpm to over bpm just by moving from shadowy areas to direct mafdetone for a couple hundred yards.

Earlier this year before I started using the Maffetone MethodI was starting to bring some of those times back down. LHR training during the Florida summer is rough.


After 3 months, I fretted about the lack of marathon pace miles, mentally I needed those runs. The biggest concern, issue, road block for many runners is that in the initial stages month 1 they often have to slow their pace dramatically to stay within the prescribed heart rate. When I cut carbs, my running immediately got even slower. The big problem is that I still had not been losing excess body fat, and I knew that without dropping weight I would never again PR at any distance.

The Maffetone Method helps you take charge of your own health and fitness—and succeed. One thing I have really liked about this whole low carb, low heart rate transition is that it has opened my eyes to how different things affect my heart rate, therefore affecting the way I feel and perform during runs. All opinions, tips and reviews are based upon my personal life experience and the experiences of those around me.

LHR Training Results: A Year of Maffetone Training

First, it trains your body to burn more stored fat for energy we normally burn varying amounts of both sugar and fat. Compared to my old paces, this is still slow, but just a week earlier I ran 10 miles at only If you are someone who enjoys speed workouts or a lot of variety then the MAF method will likely bore you to tears. Looking for a coach with experience in MAF? Tuesday of last week is when the temperature really dropped, and I ran 5.

I am trying to keep perspective that a few months of slow running can ultimately help me run faster and further with less injuries, but meanwhile I have this fear that I will lose all the speed mafffetone I worked so hard to attain.

Maffetone is important for overall health. I shared my initial results while training for t he NYC marathonbut as noted I went off track and did my own thing methodd last month. For a month I have been attempting to reboot my fitness by following the Primal Diet and running with Dr. For 30 days I have run with my heart rate at or under BPM. All opinions, tips and reviews are based upon my personal life experience and the experiences of those around me.

I have previously reviewed TimexPolar and Garmin if you have questions.

30 Days of Low Heart Rate Running (Maffetone Method)

The breakthrough did not come on Monday as I ran 6. But last week I got a glimpse maffetons how this can pay off in a few months. Comparing fasted-state maffetlne to runs after breakfast, it was pretty clear that food and hunger also have a strong impact on my heart rate and running performance. Most of my runs the last 2 years were progressive runs, meaning I would start at a slower pace and gradually run a little bit faster each mile, kicking as hard as I can down the final stretch of my run.


LHR Training Revisited with MAF Method

Sleep is another major factor, and mehod workouts went significantly better after maffetonee of sleep than after hours of sleep.

During these 30 days I have run miles. Emthod Formula provides two important benefits. As I try to build a strong aerobic base AND burn fat, this low heart rate training coincides with my nutritional changes via the Primal Diet read about my 1st 25 days on the low carb Primal Diet.

As someone who has had some success at local road racing the last couple mehhod, always finishing in the top 10 overall and top for my age group in any race under 10 miles, it is difficult to keep my focus only on running slow and easy and never testing myself with speed sessions or even just running the last mile hard to end a workout.

This is important for overall health. Every animal on earth knows how to be optimally healthy, but humans have gone astray; getting back your instincts and intuition is one of the benefits of this process. I got decent sleep for a few days.

After 3 weeks maffeotne the Primal Diet and almost 4 weeks of running with the Maffetone MethodI maffstone had a major breakthrough. It is not training in multiple zones, this is training at a base low heart rate. Everytime I ran over 6 miles, I ran out of energy and really dragged the last few miles.

Learn more about the benefits low heart rate training. I was getting progressively faster again for the first several miles. View my full privacy and review policy.

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