Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw is considered the definitive authority on using radial arm saws to th of an inch precision and dead square. The entire book. Just about everybody who restores DeWalts has read Wally’s book and also a later work by Jon. Eakes on fine tuning a radial arm saw. Both books are excellent. The print edition sold out at LeeValley tools but an electronic edition is still available from Jon Eakes’ web site: saws.

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The radial arm saw has to be one of my favorite of all shop woodworking tools.

Radial Arm Saws

Since then a few people every week ask for the book — so here it is available as a download pdf for purchase. Anyone who has worked a few days with a radial-arm saw knows ssaw the manufacturers’ manuals do not show you how to get the machine to work as precisely as needed for good woodworking.

That is not to say that it should bind, but a loose roller head is the major cause of the “running forward” feeling with most radials.

Cutting wood to close tolerances at the correct dimension will result in accurately made, well fitting joints. If you have a single table, then the saw mounting must have a “pivot” to get the blade travel perpendicular to the fence. You can see it all with photos in a database article: Flood Alarm — The alarm for filling your bathtub without worry about flooding. Table saw depth adjustments are locked by friction.

You must take up the slack right to its end point to maintain precision. Radial Arm Saws Videos. An adjustment that’s too loose will allow sloppiness and side-to-side movement, which is a no-no.

In this sense the “precision” of the machine and of your working techniques means the ability to work to close tolerances. Too tight and it binds and becomes jerky in movement. So it became a market question and now radial arm saws are only made for industry. Send me new comments on this article by email.


This shifting allows you to put it in its normal position during line-up and general work, and then, when you want to get down to the business of precision, slide the fence over to a clean spot and make a nice fresh kerf cut through.

The rqdial problem I ran into is that the book is that he focuses on three specific saws – none of which were my brand. Remember the critical fence is about two feet each side of the blade — the rest is just support for weight. It doesn’t matter if a jointer, for example, looks good.

Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw

There are times however when something is quite unique or something simply stands out; then I like to tell rasial about it, even where to get it.

Posted by Wood It Is! The fence on a radial arm saw is usually a sorry looking chopped up mess, often hiding down below the wood to be cut.

Bio-Barrier — a geotextile that provides almost permanent tree root control without damaging the tree. This book is the sa companion to all other information on your radial-arm saw and I like to think that it is helping craftsmen everywhere to keep their solid old saws working. The cut is ragged and your right arm is quickly exhausted not knowing if you should draw sas saw forward or hold it back.

These forces are in fact rather minor except when ripping. Knowing that will help if you get lost in the text. That was then, this is now. First realize that nothing is “impossible” to adjust. Now the cuts line up.

Even lining up the table and then attaching a covering can change the angle of the cut in radoal wood. The radial arm saw relies on friction all over. When a screw drive is used in any machine there is always slack between the screw threads and the nut threads.

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Trying to do compound cuts flat on the table require having the actual corner, miter and bevel numbers. I downloaded your book about a year ago, and I am now a fan of both the saw, and your work.

Radial Arm Saws

The entire motor comes rattling forward, with the saw blade climbing up on fibers it should be cutting. You can see that the column on mine is filthy and somewhat oxidized. You can shim side supports to level and lock it all in, or have adjustment screws for both the wings and the extension fences. I seat the pin into the column and before clamping it tight I shove the arm to the right until it comes to a full stop against the indexed pin.

Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw : Jon Eakes :

Related Topics Books Saws Techniques. This difference in apparent alignment and actual cutting results can be due to the fact that the metal square by necessity gives a static picture of the machine’s alignment. Vibrations in the machine will mean a clattering contact between the cutting edge and the wood.

Yet how can we expect to understand the importance of radlal adjustments and techniques unless we understand their role in obtaining precision from our radial arm saw? Essentially all I have to do is the layout, and you print it yourself, all of it, arj only the pages you want.

Do you have 8 feet accessible on both sides of the saw at least a horizontal slot about 5″ high — above that you can have overhanging cupboards!