Downloads · Community · Exclusives · Promotions · Reader Guides · How To Buy Books; Merchandise · Contact · Ask Jim · Autographs · Requests · Newsletter. A freak explosion in the British museum in London ignites a perilous race for an earth-shaking power source buried deep beneath the sands of history. Painter. Nationally bestselling author James Rollins has transported readers to the dark heart of the Amazon, the bowels of the earth, far below the ocean, and the top of.

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Ingenious traps have been laid to ensnare the careless and unsuspecting, and wealth beyond imagining could be the reward for those with the courage to face the terrible unknown. In Sandstorm you combine elements of myths with science. The first book of the Sigma series. Which is pretty much how I felt. And her search for answers is about to lead Kara and her friend Safia al-Maaz, the gallery’s brilliant and beautiful curator, into a world they never dreamed actually existed.

Supporting local, indie businesses means that dollars, jobs, diversity, choice, and taxes stay local, creating strong, unique communities and happy citizens.

Jamds and hellfire rock the globe. What I find fascinating about new technology is how it challenges a sandsotrm, physically and morally. Other books in the series. Many lives have already been destroyed by ruthless agencies dedicated to guarding its mysteries and harnessing its might.

To uncover the truth about the origin of this strange cargo and the threat it poses, Polk must team up with a man who shares a dark and bloody past with her, now an agent with the CBP.

Since Jeff Bezos started A guy who can write with this kind of depth and imagination is a man I want to read more of. Now he embarks upon his most gripping and terrifying adventure yet: Once the fifth is done, the entire series is slated for publication, each book coming out 6 months apart, starting with a re-release of the first two. Inspired by a jamees Freely” philosophy and a passion for innovation, Kobo is one of the world’s fastest-growing eReading Since Jeff Bezos started Amazon inwe have significantly expanded our rollin offerings, international sites, and worldwide network of fulfillment and customer service centers.


Xandstorm flares have triggered a series of gargantuan natural disasters. Raiders, UC3, and Sandstorm are all part of their respective series, and Sandstorm is notable for being the first of Rollins’ Sigma Force series.

Today, Amazon offers everything from books and electronics to tennis rackets and diamond jewelry.

Sandstorm – James Rollins

Army Rangers dwarfs any danger they may have anticipated. Rollins doesn’t let his readers down when it comes to things blowing up, characters in serious jeopardy, and yes, violent, gruesome deaths. Critical Acclaim “Rollins mixes science, history, facts, and fiction into a thrilling swirl of an adventure story with a nonstop pace.

Open Preview See a Problem? A tough as nails special forces operative, who is also a serious brainiac. A Short Story Exclusive “. Lots of action, gunplay, some decent bad guys, and a crescendo of an ending that did its job and is propelling me to the next in the series. Legends of the past or new technologies? The answers may be older than Christ and rooted in obscure scripture from the Old Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the truth could shake the pillars of Christianity itself.

I usually read one of these after I’ve read something by George R. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Each of his thrillers has featured as a central character an extreme environment, most recently the Arctic ice Ice Huntand now the hot sands of Saudi Arabia. I have, and I desperately want to go back. The Road to Ubar tells the story of that amateur archaeologist and how he discovered the buried city.


At a bare minimum I expect the author to do a bit of homework when he sets a scene and not present something which is totally inane and illogical.

IJ has just stolen some dinosaur eggs rolins the Gobi Desert — forget the fact that the Gobi is half a country away from the Three Gorges. So yes, I’m hooked. Rolliins the while a nearing comet interferes with the imagery of an orbital satellite, causing it to show an image of America’s Eastern Seaboard in flaming ruins. I look forward to reading more novels involving this group.

That one male lead is a danger-courting archeologist named Omaha Dunn seems less parodic than tired, and the novel’s premise of a hoard of antimatter hidden in the legendary city of Ubar is almost as ridiculous as the idea that this cache has been guarded for millennia by an order of women who propagate without men, via parthenogenesis.

James Rollins

Lisa Cummings first introduced in Deep Fathomwho begins a relationship with one of the team. But even Tylar’s skill and magic cannot save the Citadel of Tashijan, ancient Shadowknight headquarters, for something foul lies at the heart of their Order.

The Banned and the Banished.

He reported that a screenplay was well underway and that they are looking at a couple of different directors. Does this series need to be read in order? The story and the facts supporting it are promising, intriguing. I also borrow traits from friends and family, from people Jmes meet and talk to. Want to Read saving….