ISBP BPO. UCP. Letters of Credit. CDCS. ICC Opinions. Guarantees. Collections. ISP Supply Chain. Financing. Reimbursements. Incoterms. Forfaiting. Since the approval of International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP) by the While the named port of loading, as required by the credit, should appear in. ISP 98 d. Because a standby is documentary, an issuer’s obligations depend on the presentation of documents and an examination of.

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If a credit states that isbo additional to freight are not acceptable, a bill of lading must not indicate that costs additional to the freight have been or will be incurred.

A requirement for a certificate of origin will be satisfied by the presentation of a signed, dated document that certifies to the origin of the goods. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this objective ksbp been partially attained.

The date of issuance of an air transport document is deemed to be the date of shipment unless the document shows a separate notation of the flight date, in which case this will be deemed to be the date of shipment.

A statement that the packaging “is not sufficient for the sea journey” would not isbpp acceptable. In such circumstances, the transport document must not indicate that shipment or dispatch has been effected by only one mode of transport, but it may be silent regarding the modes of transport utilized.

ISP 98- International Standby Practices

Freight and Izbp Costs Therefore, in considering the practices described in this publication, parties must take into account any term in a documentary credit that expressly modifies or excludes a rule contained in UCP The qualification was first examined in and has seen a rapid growth in the uptake of the programme across the world.

Their 9 in time and effort is gratefully acknowledged, and their names and professional affiliations appear below.

The term “carrier” used in UCP article 24 includes terms in transport documents such as “issuing carrier”, “actual carrier”, “succeeding carrier” and “contracting carrier”.

If a draft is drawn at a tenor other than sight, or other than a certain period after sight, it must be possible to establish the maturity date from the data in the draft itself. Many of the problems that arise at the examination stage could be avoided or resolved by careful attention to detail in the underlying transaction, the credit application and issuance of the credit as discussed. It can sometimes be difficult to determine from the wording of a credit whether it requires an original or a copy, and to determine whether that requirement is satisfied by an original or a copy.

The fact that some documents show such additional information while others do not is not a discrepancy. If a credit requires presentation of an “air way bill”, “air consignment note” or similar, UCP article isvp applies. Corrections and alterations on charter party bills of lading must be authenticated. If a credit requires a packing list and a weight list, such requirement will be satisfied by presentation of two separate documents, or by presentation of two original copies of issbp combined packing and weight list, provided such document states both packing and weight details.


Any document, including a certificate of analysis, inspection certificate and pre-shipment inspection certificate, may be dated after the date of shipment. An 998 transport document must indicate the airport of departure and airport of destination as stated in the credit. Multiple Pages and Attachments or Riders Corrections and alterations on a UCP article 24 transport document must be authenticated.

If a credit does not state a notify party, the respective field on the bill 9 lading may be left blank or completed in any manner.

If a pre-printed “Shipped on board” charter party bill of lading is presented, its issuance ishp will be deemed to be the date of shipment unless it bears an on board notation, in which event the date of the on board notation will be deemed to be the date of shipment whether or not the on board date is before or after the issuance date of the document. Transhipment is the unloading from one aircraft and reloading to another aircraft during the carriage from the airport of departure to the airport of destination stated in the credit.

A reference in the transport document to costs which may be levied as a result of a delay in unloading the goods or after the goods have been unloaded, is not considered to be an indication of additional costs in this context.

Original multi-modal transport documents must be signed in the form described in UCP sub-article 19 a i and indicate the name of the carrier, identified as the carrier. How the Draft is Drawn In all places where the term “multimodal transport document” is used within this document, it also includes the term “combined transport document”.

Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits – Wikipedia

Such authentication must appear to have been made by the carrier or any one of their named agents, who may be different from the agent that may have issued or signed it, provided ispb are identified as an agent of the carrier. The incorporation of this publication into the terms of a documentary credit should be discouraged, as UCP incorporates international standard banking practice, which includes the practices described in this publication.

Insurance covering the same risk for the same shipment must be covered under one document unless the insurance documents for partial cover each clearly reflect, by percentage or otherwise, the value of each insurer’s cover and that each insurer will bear its share of the liability severally and without pre-conditions relating to any other insurance cover that may have been effected isb that shipment.

International revision is thus facilitated permitting the incorporation of the changing practices of the commercial parties.

Though some of these changes are minor, practitioners would be well advised to have this latest version of the ISBP at hand. Document Checklist What to look out for in every document involved in the documentary credit process: A UCP article 19 transport document must indicate the number of originals that have been issued.


Order Party and Notify Party In the event that more than one air transport document is presented incorporating different dates of shipment, the latest of these dates of shipment will be taken for the calculation of any presentation period and must fall on or before the latest shipment date specified in the credit.

It may appear to be issued by a named person or entity by use of its letterhead, or if there is no letterhead, the document appears to have been completed or signed by, or on behalf of the named person or entity.

The content of a document must appear to fulfil the function of the required document. Unit price sif any, and currency shown in the invoice must agree with that shown in the credit.

However, a photocopy of a signed document does not qualify as a signed original document, nor does a signed document transmitted through a fax machine, absent an original signature. The identification of airports by the use of IATA codes instead of writing out the name in full e. If a credit requires presentation of a transport document covering transportation utilizing at least two modes of transport multimodal or combined transport documentand if the transport document clearly shows that it covers a shipment from the place of taking in charge or port, airport or place of loading to the place of final destination mentioned in the credit, UCP article 19 is applicable.

Any charges and costs shown beyond this value are not allowed. Clauses or notations on multi-modal transport documents that expressly declare a defective condition of the goods or packaging are not acceptable. However, the Task Force that prepared Publication No.

A broker may sign as agent for the named insurance company or named underwriter. If a credit indicates that a document is to be issued by a named person or entity, this condition is satisfied if the document appears to be issued by the named person or entity.

A misspelling or typing error that does not affect the meaning of a word or the sentence in which it occurs does not make a document discrepant. An invoice showing the entire goods description as stated in the credit, then stating what has actually been shipped, is also acceptable.

For example, where there are two types of goods shown in the credit, such as 10 trucks and 5 tractors, an invoice that reflects only shipment of 4 trucks would be acceptable provided the credit does not prohibit partial shipment. The draft must be endorsed, if necessary. The fact that a document has a box or space for a signature does not necessarily mean that such box or space must be completed with a signature.

If a credit requires the insurance cover to be irrespective of percentage, isb insurance document must not contain a clause stating that the insurance cover is subject to a franchise or an excess deductible.