Aspidiotus (Hemiberlesia) cydoniae Cockerell i: change of combination; Aspidiotus (Aspidiotus) lataniae Cockerell i: change of combination. Citation: MAF Plant Health & Environment Laboratory () Latania Scale ( Hemiberlesia lataniae) Updated on 4/9/ AM Available. Hemiberlesia lataniae — Overview. Latania Scale Map of Hemiberlesia lataniae. Aspidiotus Explore what EOL knows about Hemiberlesia lataniae.

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Very polyphagouscommonly occurring on the woody parts of most woody plants. Journal of Environmental Horticulture, 19 1: Following introduction of H.

Insects and other animals reported on macadamia.

Stoetzel and Davidson,studied its natural enemies in Maryland. Stoetzel and Davidson, Cecidomyiidae and Other Diptera. Gerson U; Zor Y, The latania heniberlesia is attacked by a suite of natural enemies.

Removal of scales from trunks and branches by scrubbing.

Together latnaiae natural enemies control the latania scale. On leaves they are grey to white in colour, circular and convex; on stems, they are brown and slightly convex.


Viscaceae with description of three new species: Diaspididae of the World 2. Content may differ in form and is not being updated.

Latania Scale

Like most websites we use cookies. The presence of latania scale can be detected on leaves, twigs, fruit and as pitting on the bark of stems.

The biology of Hemiberlesia lataniae Sign. Coccinellids, such as Rhyzobius lophanthae and Chilocorus sp. Linnaeus Login pbagnpg Naturalis Biodiversity Center. A list of the Armoured Scale Insect Pests. CIE, ; Chu and Wood, The armoured scale insects Homoptera: Latania scale is a minor pest of avocado, settling on all parts of the trees. Insect pests of economic significance affecting major crops of the countries in Asia and the Pacific region.

The discoloration remains on the mango skin even if the scales are removed by natural enemies or when the fruit is cleaned before packing.

llataniae New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 22 3: CIE, ; Howard and Oliver, Pygidium with large median lobes close together, almost touching; second and third lobes very reduced, unsclerotized HEMLAM2. Eggs yellow, elongate, each 0. Distribution Maps Top of page You can pan and zoom the map.


In Egypt, there are three generations per year El-Minshawy et al.

Hemiberlesia lataniae

On macadamia Macadamia spp. Hemiberlesia lataniae latania scale ; adult on avocado Persea americana. Diaspididae aerial invasion into kiwifruit orchards from adjacent host plants.

Plant pests of Israel. Life history and control of latania scale on avocado. Distribution Top of page H.

Journal of Natural History 7: Latania scale is parthenogenic.

Su and Wang, ; Wang and Su,