Editorial Reviews. About the Author. MaryJanice Davidson is the New York Times bestselling Betsy, Queen of the Vampires, and her new hubby, Sinclair, head off to New York for their Honeymoon. When they arrive they discover it’s no. Three all-new paranormal stories of lust, laughter, and love from the New York Times bestselling author, including an original novella featuring Undead. Buy a cheap copy of Dead Over Heels book by MaryJanice Davidson. Betsy, Queen of the Vampires, and her new hubby, Sinclair, head off to New York for.

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Get the latest news Got something to davison I really enjoyed this book as light reading. The Book was written by an insane vampire who could see the future; unfortunately, it also drives anyone reading it insane. It gets bad enough that Betsy slaps Nick, hard. They catch the vampire killed the kids, and find she has a helper.

In an early chapter, Betsy is asked to preside at the wedding; she does so in the geels chapter, quoting from Romeo and Juliet: Jun 12, Genie rated it really liked it. This short story is part of the collection in “Dead Over Heels”. Nick and Jessica are also there. Not as much whining and more storyline, the usual laugh out loud Dead Over Heels by Mary Janice Davidson is utterly adorable.

Any suggestions on where to find it? Nihark rated it liked it Dec 02, Young adult review Brief article Audiobook review “. This was Jessica’s idea and her plan to make peace between them.

Log in or register now! The third was a story featuring the Wyndham werewolves which are common in her novella collections, but only featured in one full-length novel–although they did creep over to Betsy’s series for at least one book. Of the three stories the mermaid story was my least favorite, but probably only because I was hoping to have a few more of the regular characters from the book in this one as well. After this Laura is sent to feed him.


Just when she’s getting into the swing of things, her father makes a reappearance. She feeds him with her blood to make him stronger and Jessica teaches him different things such as crocheting. The stories kept me interested from start to finish and I think anyone who reads the main stories would enjoy this book as well. Her sister becomes so exasperated that Betsy gets her way, and makes Laura promise to show up for Thanksgiving. Aug 01, Diana I rated it liked it. J rated it really liked it Oct 21, She enlists her best friend Saul to help her find a good guy, not realizing that he has loved her since childhood and is sabotaging her efforts.

Hoping that they will finally get some time alone from their well meaning friends and roommates Betsy and Eric arrive in New York City by private plane thanks to maryjanics generosity of her best friend Jessica. A Honeymoon Story is story 6. Mar 04, Pages. Betsy’s compassion is highlighted by her treatment madyjanice “George”, one of the Fiends she inherited from another vampire vanquished in an earlier novel. The first is featuring Betsy, Queen of the Vampires on her honeymoon with Sinclair.

Survivors Con Conlinson — host of a reality survival show — where he tells, but does not do.

While floating along and wondering how he got himself in this mess, he sees what appears to marhjanice a severed head. Because of her coloring which she calls a noncolorReanesta is convinced that she’s ugly, so she’s sure that Con wouldn’t find her attractive or want to sleep with her.


Dead Over Heels by MaryJanice Davidson | : Books

The Wyndham story is the best but none of the stories are particularly memorable. This is a second short story compilation of Davidson’s stories, and since I’ve not read her other series, I only read “Undead and Wed: Since she hadn’t ever interacted with humans before, she didn’t really grasp why Con would be uncomfortable with her biting the heads off fish, and she had no problems with nudity.

The first story, Undead and Wed, features two of my favorite vampires known and unknown to mankind, Betsy Taylor and her husband Sinclair, who are on their honeymoon in New York Davudson.

He manages to get separated from the others in a storm and ends up in a make-shift boat with no food.

The Knight Ridder gave Maryjanicce and Unemployed a favorable review, stating that it was “very silly stuff, but silly done just right. May 19, Theresa rated it really liked it. Aug 02, Brekke rated it really liked it Shelves: Reading about Betsy and Sinclair’s honeymoon was great. The novel has two prologues.

REVIEW: Dead Over Heels (Anthology) by MaryJanice Davidson

For those who once loved the series, which has faltered in recent installments, this provides a proper send-off. Betsy and Sinclair are maryjanics their honeymoon in New York and find themselves with unwanted guests Jessica and Nick and with a vampire murderer on the loose. Completely enjoyed all three stories in this book.