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GOST , Structural alloy steel bars. Specifications. Assortment, Dimension, Direct. sв, sT, d5, y, KCU, Heat treatment. -, mm, -, MPa, MPa, %, %, kJ / m2, -. Bar, GOST , Ø 25, , , 12, 50, Assortment, Dimension, Direct. sв, sT, d5, y, KCU, Heat treatment. -, mm, -, MPa, MPa, %, %, kJ / m2, -. Bar, GOST , Ø 25, , , 11, 45,

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The permissible deviations shall comply with those specified in table 3. Gale Brisbane Boys’ College. The depth of stripping of defects shall not exceed the 17 specified in table 7. The color of paint for marking steel of other groups shall be stipulated by agreement between the manufacturer and the customer. Subsurface pinholes with the depth of no more than half the diameter or thickness tolerance shall be allowed for steel designed for cold machine working, 4. Gale University of Wollongong. And the manganese mass fraction in steel shall be no less than 0.

And in this case the mass fraction of tungsten shall be no less than: Amendment to GOST cont. At the customer’s request the profiled rolled stock shall be produced: Grades and chemical composition of steel shall comply with those specified in table 1.


Pipe billet, carbon, low-alloy and alloy steel grades. Trade House BMZ JSC

Gale Southern Cross Catholic College. The bars, strips and hanks shall be accepted in batches consisting of steel of one melt, one dimension and one mode gist heat treatment.

Wagga Wagga Campus Library. Gale Whitsunday Anglican School. Host results of additional tests shall be optional, but shall be recorded in the quality certificate. Each batch shall be accompanied by quality certificate in compliance with GOST 711 These 2 locations in Victoria: Gale Fair Work Commission. Gale Moore Theological College.

The first two figures in the designation of grades specifies the average mass fraction of carbon as th parts of percent, and the letters after figures mean: The steel macrostructure during testing of etched templates or rupture shall not have contraction cavity, friability, bubbles, flaws, stratifications, slag impurities or flakes and shall comply with the requirements specified in table 9.

Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen. Gale Townsville Grammar School.

Database of Steel and Alloy (Marochnik)

The first paragraph shall be reworded as follows: It shall be allowed to carry out the shock viscosity test on samples of type 3 with the thickness of rolled stock less than 10 mm. Gale Suncoast Christian College.


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Gale Citipointe Christian College. The University of Melbourne Library.

BRR – Bid Results For Supply Of 20X2h4a Gost 71 Hot Rolled Forged

Gale Moreton Bay College. Gale St Patrick’s College, Mackay. The mass fraction of phosphorus, sulfur, residual copper, nickel and chromium in steel of all grades shall not exceed the standards specified in table 2.

Gale High Country Library Corporation.

The rolled stock with standardized quality indicators shall be considered as premium category of quality. Gale Eastern Regional Libraries.

In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. Periodical; Journal, magazine, other English Somerset College. Loreto College, Ballarat Library. The fractional replacement of tungsten with residual molybdenum shall be allowed for the above specified steel grades at the rate of: Gale Bayside Library Service. At the customer’s request, the bars up to mm inclusive in diameter shall be produced without burrs or crumpled ends.

The hardenability shall be determined by a method of face quenching in compliance with GOST