Editorial Reviews. Review. Gilded Common Core Educator’s Guide. From School Library Journal. Gr 7 Up—Four years after her mother’s death. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Christina Farley was born and raised in upstate New York. As a child, she loved to explore, which later inspired her to jump. A dark secret lurks in Keira’s family. She comes from a long line of Word Weavers , who bring their stories to life when they use a magical pen. But for generations.

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But all that seems so far away. Unfortunately, Jae Hwa’s flaw is stupidity and that doesn’t make for an interesting read. Enter your email address: I felt like I was immersed in Seoul, South Korea with Jae—wh Ancient mythology, descendant of gildde legendary princess, and forbidden romance. It had some excellent parts; the setting is wonderful, the christian is beautiful, the Korean culture is excellent. Okay, so there have been a few books published that take place in Asia or might have an Asian main character or hero, but does it happen often?

Stereotypes are offensive, they are ignorant, and I believe a good book should seek to dispel them. But Marc was very sweet.

You can …more Because goodreads is NOT a library. May 02, Casey McCormick rated it it was amazing Shelves: But she was wrong.

You can find out about movies there, but IMDB won’t let you watch the whole movie for free. True, I don’t know any non-Koreans who have, but I’d like to think there’s a really awesome diverse student body. Other than that there was a slightly cheesy ski scene that reminded me of a 80s movie and I totally did the eye roll falrey that.

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Need to find something? I just do not like the idea that a stranger can come into a land of culture and tradition and somehow find cristina fucking solution that’s somehow unseen by the native experts themselves.

I liked this part of her. This is good clean stuff. Someone just has to the say the word and I promise, I’ll be there to side tackle them and beg them to tell me more I learned some mythology from this, and it may be my fault due to the skimming I may have done, but I didn’t get as much as I would have liked.

Whiter than white, green-eyed Marc. The setting and its mythology–so unusual for your standard YA fantasy–should be enough to make this book stand out, but the lackluster characters and sloppy storytelling bring this book down. It’s a matter of fucking life or death here. The book felt rushed and I feel like little attention was paid to the faarley that could have made this book stand out more.

When I first got Gilded I was unsure because of never having read something like it, but being a lover of both fantasy and mythology I thought to try it. Because I live right next to one in real life. What bothers me is that it could have been much better. Want to Read saving…. She doesn’t seem to take initiative on her own. She misses her mother, dead of cancer, her father barely has any time for her, and her formal, disapproving grandfather just wants her out of the country.

Too bad we have to wait until March to find out! That’s how she knows. I was born in Vietnam, but my sister was born here, as are many of my iglded. Somewhat of a spoiler so I will not say what.

The characters cbristina not bad, but if you asked me to find any quality or merit to any of them I sincerily wouldn’t know what to say. Jae Hwa doesn’t have a whole lot of options.


Review: Gilded by Christina Farley | The YA Kitten

Nov 14, i. She acts like a dork in front of the guy she likes Marc. Without Annette by Jane B.

Until you are no longer with us. Had I the time, I would look up all the Korean myths and binge binge biiiiiiiinge on them.

Gilded (Gilded, #1) by Christina Farley

Again, in this case I would reply strongly to the affirmative. Chgistina, totally with you on the dearth of Asian guys in fiction. Did she want a fucking cookie because she made a mistake? Jae Hwa was warned, time, after time, of what would happen if she disobeyed the rules.

As if starting over in a new country isn’t hard enough, Jae quickly learns she’s the target of a Korean demi-god.

Gilded Series

I kept waiting for it to click in and take charge of my imagination and it never did. The plot is great, but still nothing that overall wowed me. To that I say, simply, that even as an adult I was entertained. Each time you meet, he will pull a little piece of your soul into his realm. In fact, she might as well been described as being blonde and blue eyed like the gildee of the characters in this book.

You do not come into a culture filded expect to appropriate it.