Accepts a VIAVI FiberChek Sidewinder and FiberChek Probe. – Accepts a Save images, analysis results onto your mobile device. – Generate . Won’t work!. The new FiberChek probe completely automates your fiber inspection workflow. results on device or export; Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB connection capabilities. Then, the operation and functional use of the Westover Scientific FiberChek software application. by which fber end-face images are examined, analyzed, saved and archived. Moreover, . FiberChek™ will not be installed on your computer.

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For special or custom adapters, please contact JDSU see page Focus the image if necessary. This allows you to see what the software detected and can be used to evaluate the sensitivity settings you loaded in the profile.

All of this is done in a matter of seconds.

Pack the equipment in its original shipping material, if possible. FiberChek2 is a software application.

Unpaid auctions will be forfeited after 5 days of fibrechek2 auction close and the Item s will be relisted for sale. You can zoom in on the image by left-clicking over an area of interest.

JDSU: User Manual – FiberChek2

For scratches, the matter is more complicated and is discussed in detail in the following paragraphs. By using Download datasheet. You can also perform this function by using key strokes. To further complicate matters, loose particles have a tendency to migrate. Featured Microscope Images free downloads and reviews.

JDSU Westover P USB Fiberscope Fiber Inspection w/ FiberChek Pro P | eBay

FiberChek2 software pre-programmed to comply with. These tips contain a key channel fibberchek2 mates to the alignment key located in the threaded opening on the wojt of the probe body.


In this way, you can later extract archive data allowing you to analyze meaningful portions of your production. This high-resolution bench-top inspection microscope is ideally suited for post-polish inspection of high-quality end faces and can repeatably detect scratches that human technicians would often miss, delivering the sensitivity the industry has long sought.

To toggle between high and low magnification select Live Video Magnification from the View Menu and choose either High or Low from the fly-out menu. Use this mode to focus and center if applicable the image. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies. Help Menu Help Topics Define the name, diameter fibercchek2 color code for the zone to form the header of the zone.

These adapters are interchangeable and thread onto the focusing head located on the front of the unit.

Please contact JDSU for more information. CHAPTER 6 When grading the visual image of a fiber end face, it is generally agreed that you must be more critical the closer you are to the core center of the fiber. In cases where you may want fibercek2 inspect a single channel while the adjacent channels are still occupied with connectors or dust plugs you may need to use a narrow probe with a little longer reach. No part of this guide may be reproduced or transmitted electronically or otherwise without written permission of the publisher.

Following the steps below may weaken the security giberchek2 your machine. The EN standard prescribes both emission and immunity requirements for laboratory, measurement, and control equipment. If you feel the software is being too aggressive you may want to soften those settings or vise-versa.

Opens the Giberchek2 dialog box to allow you to create, edit, and delete inspection profiles.

‎FiberChekMOBILE on the App Store

For example, if you are using a system with both a FVD and P microscope attached and click on New while you are viewing a live image of the Fiebrchek2 system, a new window will launch with the P Probe image displayed. This free software is a product of Westover Scientific. The diagram below details three zones superimposed over a fiber image.


You can also define a size below which the particles are excluded from the analysis. Clicking on Snap to Estimated will aid in quickly placing the crosshair. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

This sensitivity setting is intended for use only in a post polish application using an FVD type system. Follow the Hardware Update Wizard screen to update the device driver. Select the appropriate Profile Click on the Test Fiber!

We do not cover those cost’s and we recommend that you contact your countries customs agency for that information. If the inspection results in a FAIL mode, follow cleaning procedures. We Ship World Wide! The camera system is then re-optimized for detecting scratches on the glass surface. The install wizard should autorun and open the Setup screen. Certification JDSU certifies that this equipment met its published specifications at the time of shipment from the factory.

This option will generate the results with specific items in the Inspection Summary table see pages Molex is a registered trademark of Molex Incorporated. Fiber connectors come in various types and have different characteristics for use in different applications. From the Tools menu, select Calibrate.

Open The Open icon launches a standard Open dialog box. This unit includes FiberChek2 software.