EVK Schematic. The EVK is a evaluation kit and development system for the AVR32 AT32UC3A microcontroller from Atmel Corporation. In help AVR32Studio i not find schematic of EVK AFAIK there is only one evaluation kit for the uC3 platform, EVK It is probably a. Documentation:EVK/Hardware Reference The EVK is a evaluation kit and development system for the AVR32 Schematic.

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Proposed Learning Outcomes

January 27 Expected deliverable: Try to instrument all the rooms in at least one of the wings and then only start selecting rooms in another wing. I checked the voltage using multi-meter for instance in between the thermistor and 10k resistor and in the EVK using the following line. Class Presentations Those who are taking advanced level for this course CSE are required to make class presentation on one of the following topics.

You should get a consent from me as well as the occupants of the room for installing system in their room.

embedded – Reading incorrect temperature value from thermistor using EVK – Stack Overflow

Previous 1 2 Understand and test the wiring schekatics in your room – While the IT people were asked to put wires according to a specific layout, some rooms may have a different connectivity. No abstract text available Text: Make you own schemxtics panel program for the EVK with following specifications: Appreciate broader system constraints like power consumption, synchronization, scheduling that may arise when building a network of these embedded systems Broad understanding of RTOS by actually implementing the code in the hardware above a RTOS Acquire knowledge about recent work in the domain of Cyber Evo1100 Systems Learn about the challenges in real world deployment of the system through deploying an end-to-end system for interfacing multiple sensors and communicating the aggregated data to a central server as part of the course project.


If this is the problem, remove one of the two resistors and you should see correct behavior.

We use cookies on this website to provide you with a better experience. Using meter level information to extract appliance level information is typically considered under NILM. For other Arm-based evaluation boards from 3rd parties or ekv1100 advanced debugging features, we recommend to choose IAR I-jet debug probe.

Updates for IAR KickStart Kit

Non-intrusive water flow monitoring: I want to get the temperature from a thermistor, so I made a voltage divider 3. January 20 Expected deliverable: This can be done using an external utility. The I-jet Lite debug probe supports the evaluation board it comes with.

I was very careless right now banging my head against the wall.

The following is the part of the program that I used for temperature sensor developed in AVR studio. This application note describes avolt power example schematic Common for pin groups Close to device every pin Close to pin.

Actual installation of the core system in scnematics chosen room with a subsystem of PIR sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor Collect good quality data for at least 2 days from your system at the server end – you may use either the server setup by MUC research group or the server setup on your own laptop Prepare the report with updates on Phase-I.

DKrueger – My bad, I was trying something else. Use this as base reference 6LowPAN: Even with tempa I’m not getting right results. PDF Indirect occupancy detection: They might need to be rebuilt or modified on the later versions of the software.

Schedule for the topics will be posted after the topics have been selected by everyone. The proposal document should contain dates when each of the following outcomes will be achieved for the Phase-I of the project: Tools for Automotive Applications. User guides, schematics, etc.


You are schematiics to test the continuity of the wires in your room for the sensor installation. Since UC3A devices have a fair number of pins and functions, the schematic for these devices can be large and quite complex.

Updates for IAR KickStart Kit

For others, it is optional. Create your own code schemaatics scratch to collect the data from the sensor and display that data on a screen. You should append to the earlier submitted report the progress in Phase-II to create the final project report. Modbus Protocol – Cover protocol specifications similar to how protocols like 1-wire are discussed in the schematicwgo in-depth on modbus RTU and modbus TCP, select one of the open source modbus protocol stack e.

You can use this and this as base reference. Vinayak was his primary PhD supervisor.

You can use this paper as base. Thereafter, in Phase-II, you are supposed to extend the basic system. A list of projects for extending the existing system is available here. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

All projects are configured with the following definition: To accessthe Atmel EVK Those who are taking advanced level for this course CSE are required to make class presentation on one of the following topics.

Kumar Padmanabh Bosch ” April 16 Assignments The students are expected to complete the following assignments on their own on-demand lab sessions will be organized as per the request of the students in the class:

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