Dread Necromancers have a few chances to add any Cleric or Wizard/Sorcerer Necromancy spell to their spell list via Advanced Learning. A Dread Necromancer is a necromancer who’s more of a . With this build, you just go Dread Necro 10 / Pale Master 10, though you could drop. Necromantic Classes:There are three necromantic base classes of note: the Wizard, the Cleric, and of course the Dread Necromancer.

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Necromancy by the time you hit 6th level. The potential to have hordes of undead followers, full 9th level spellcasting, and some great class abilities can be very enticing options. Ia Ia Shneeky handnook. Planar Touchstone The Shrine of Acererak: Runestaffs are a great way to gain access to spells you wouldn’t normally get.

Practical Dread Necromancer build

Psion – Psychic Warrior – Soulknife – Wilder. I hadn’t heard about this being errated. Affected creatures become shaken.

A dread necromancer gains an additional new spell at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th level. Stacking Rebuking If you have more than one class that provides Rebuking, all those levels stack together.

Revised Necromancer Handbook (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

That’s not to say that any particular Wizard is outdone by any particular Cleric, there are some very powerful spells on the Wizard list that are not on the Cleric list. You will still rock at doing damage, but the class loses its flavor you’re better off playing a cleric. Even if you don’t want to be a blaster mage or don’t want to sling together complex battle plans involving Walls of Fire uttercold to heal your minions and hurt your enemies, the ability to cast a single Wall of Fire after every combat to heal all your minions necromzncer perhaps yourself is an invaluable Necromantic aid.


Get a huge caster level the fun way. Actually he would enjoy being able to duplicate one of the most important function of divine magic.

These effects can be rough on living allies, so it pays to refrain from using them unless you’re surrounded by foes or by undead allies. The former deals more damage but takes longer to reload. After that just Prc out into something else that suits your purposes. So they’re at -4 saves after this? Reanimated Dread Necromancer Handbook This post reserved for dirty tricks and combinations as well as example builds. So, take advantage of your single martial weapon proficiency.

Reanimated Dread Necromancer Handbook

Grease is now important 3 turns of flatfootedness will nercomancer most enemies in meleeand you have access to Web or Glitterdust. However, here are some things to shoot for: Never mind that Liber Mortis and a few other tasty supplements give you ways to bolster your undead even more with your Rebuke.

Last edited by ShneekeyTheLost; at Also, anyone handnook has the Blackfire spread to them, which is nifty If yours does however, I highly suggest taking this feat.

Having been researching the Dread Necromancer for a couple of weeks for an upcoming game I am in, I was excited to see this on the thread list, but most of the information can be found in the handbooks that already exist.


The spectral hand spell enables a dread necromancer to deliver a scabrous touch attack from a distance. Why do you need cleric spells? Originally Posted by TheJake. Not only are you bypassing the whole “caster level limit” business by making crazy HD Zombies with each Hellwasp Swarm, but you get to Dominate Monster as well.

Dread necromancers aren’t good at avoiding attacks against their bodies.

Melee Specialized Dread Necromancer (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

Christ, it’s negative energy touch damage on command. And this is pretty much your life with Animate Dead from now on. At high level, you can take Archmage. Your minions will just be better overall with these feats, and since not all your minions will benefit from them right away, don’t hesitate to send them off to die as you get a new feat to improve your next batch.

You are not a barbarianso don’t try to play one. If you were only going to go 8 levels, don’t bother with it. Other items are on a case-by-case basis.