Resources about Dolibarr ERP and CRM developer documentation (coding standard, rules, samples). Tester documentation. Retrieved from ” Main_Page”. Hidden category: Proofreading. Details: Written by eldy: Published: 26 April A list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are available on Dolibarr documentation wiki site.

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If you keep it for you, others will not be able to improve it when new terms are added or previous terms are modified, and you will still have to manage the translation on your own. The export wizard allows you to export any data of application in a CSV or Excel file.

If you are developing a new module, you are likely going to need the addition of new language variables. Other languages depend on contributions. In other languages No translation in Italian.

You can define properties on your tasks like planned workloadassign specific users or no t.

Developer documentation – Dolibarr Open Source ERP CRM Wiki

All emails you send also appears into your “Sent” repository of your email box. Created or moderated by Eldy. When a Sync is done, transifex files overwrites files into git, but only if there is at least on record modified for the file. It is also done on a beta branch just before creating the final release package.

See Documemtation Web Services. Created or moderated by Eldy. The card reflects the changes.


Translator documentation

Situation You need to remove a resource that could not be used any more but keep it’s history. Past events for tracking purposeor Future events for remind purpose. To personalize code for other contexts, see the Hooks system chapter instead.

To complete, create an account, go back and clic on “Modify”. Several standard modules are supplied. Module Builder for developers. Follow LeadsOpportunitiesInternal, customer or supplier projects. Navigation Main page Recent changes.

You can also include payment links into your sent email automatically. You need to remove a resource that could not be used any more but keep it’s history.

Use the wizard to provision your warehouses based on defined optimal quantities. If you send us your translation through a Pull Request on Github, sadly, it will be overwritten by the next import from Transifex, so it would be very short-lived. If you delete a resource allocated to an event, you will end up with a blank resource for this event. To have a localised translated string into the PHP code, all you have to do is load the language file and use the method to get the translated value, like this:.

For each entity created in the application, Dolibarr assigns a reference. So, really, you should start translating into Transifex. Grant users or groups permissions on the workflow. For user documentation, see here.

Tester documentation – Dolibarr Open Source ERP CRM Wiki

The main purpose of the module is to register the resources of the organisation like rooms, materials, keys, Allowed users will be able to enter time spent if you decide to use timesheet feature.


This is done by running tx init into dolibarr project root directory. The resource will be deleted and confirmation message will shows up. All nonexisting files will be created, all existing files will be updated. The import wizard allows to import a lot of data from any external application from a CSV or Excel file.

The wiki is written in 3 languages: This tutorial can help you complete a translation for a language not yet available or somehow incorrect. It is quite easy to use and all translations can be uploaded and downloaded through the web interface or using their TX client from a terminal.

The Module Builder tool is an embedded IDE and code generator to allow any developers to build a complete application including new objects, new permissions, new menus, news APIs, Dolibarr include its own web server so you can preview your web site content with no need to install a we server. You could modify properties. If there is already a translation available but you need to add a missing key or correct errors, try to use method using Transifex see later.

This chapter contains global information that must be read before starting any development on Dolibarr.

A manager will have to accept your request, so please be patient.