Primarily known for military SF, Drake (Fireships, etc.) shows a wider Lord of the Isles. David Drake, Author Tor Books $ (0p) ISBN With Lord of the Isles, David Drake returns to fantasy with a towering and complex epic of heroic adventure in an extraordinary and colorful world where the. David Drake has written fantasies before, but the Lord of the Isles series is his first full-on venture into Jordan-style multibook VLFN saga-spinning. And I’m sad .

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The basic outline of many of the novels deals with the characters being split apart, often taken to parallel universes or distant periods in time, by some logd entity or group, which they must then defeat before, or in the process of, re-uniting. Return to Book Page. I liked ghe of the main characters, especially Nonnus. This leads to the problem of how Drake uses magic in the book. She washes ashore on the island of Haft, where she is rescued by Garric, a young shepherd from the town of Barca’s Hamlet.

Lord of the Isles

Now, Drake does action really well. It bothered me that as I od more about each character, it began to seem that theirs had been a whole village of secret changelings with special powers.

You have your generic euro-fantasy peasants and traders and politicians, and a handful of “foreign” cultures. So after all those words of wisdom, let me add my special category of guilty pleasures.

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Won’t be continuing with this series. The Nicene Creed, while putting a lid on much neo-Platonic speculation, does say that God is the creator of all things visible and invisible. Good read, original world, well developed characters. He knows the mechanics, the feel and the energy, and makes them sing.

It’s truly a pity that fantasy writers pay so little attention to characters, strangling them with some self-important sense of omniscience. The davjd details magic gone awry as a sorcerer successfully repels an attack by invaders but sinks his own city in the process.

Lord of the Isles Series by David Drake

I’m a huge fantasy fan, been reading it forever, so this didn’t bother me at all. The continual bemoaning about how someone thought they weren’t smart or someone else thinking they weren’t good with women reminded me a bit too much of some characters in the Wheel of Time series, which was a little annoying even then. Lord of the Isles Posted on July 6, by admin. This one is pretty good, had me interested most of the way moreso because of the writing than anything else.

Someone should smack me. The novels deal with Garric’s claim to the throne of the Isles, and his attempts to unite them once again. I could list similarly frustrating flaws, but why bother? The common religion of the Isles is based on Sumerian cult and ritual, but the magic itself comes from the Mediterranean and is mostly Egyptian in its original source.

On Tegma, a little more inept magic on Meder’s part results in the resurrection of Tegma’s entire extinct population. Now, with magic reaching another millennial peak of power, the world is endangered.


The Isles – David Drake

The most inventive part was the various jellyfish-looking monsters, shaped like giant alligators or made out of dead people. Drake brings this first episode to such a satisfying conclusion, though, that I’m not immediately pulled into the next good for my TBR, probably not best for Drake.

Why is the hardcover edition of Servant of the Dragon so poorly proofread? Some island area in a medieval setting. Unlike the Wheel of Time, Drake keeps it relatively easy to keep track of who is doing what and weaves the various subplots back islss at the end of the book for an impressive conclusion.

I’m glad I did.

Now, with magic reaching another millennial peak of po. To ask other readers questions about Lord of the Islesplease sign up. With its transmission permanently stuck in first gear, the novel diffidently putts along, only rarely revving up into any level of excitement. This inspired work of creativi An exciting modern fantasy that is highly original and filled with such spectacular characters.

How did you come up with the magic in the Isles Series? I should be ashamed. The Fortress of Glass Posted on May 9, by admin. So I wasn’t as attached to the characters as I should have been.