Memorabilia is a collection of Socratic dialogues by Xenophon, a student of Socrates. . Xenophon, “Memoirs of Socrates,” in Conversations of Socrates, translated by Hugh Tredennick and Robin Waterfield, edited with new material by Robin. Xenophon’s portrait is the only one other than Plato’s to survive, and while it offers a very personal interpretation of Socratic thought, it also reveals much about. Xenophon of Athens ( BC) was an ancient Greek associate of Socrates, the great philosopher. Socrates wrote none of his own thoughts and activities.

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Chapter 2, Memoirs of Socrates, Book I. I still need to read Plato’s version of Socrates, but started with Xenophon not knowing much of the difference between both.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. It is amusing to think that there are essentially three writers extant who knew and wrote about Socrates and each has such a remarkably different opinion of him — everything from fool through to genius.

The Political Thought of Plato and Aristotle. Before I continue, here are relevant passages from the introductions. And for the pleasures of the taste, how could we ever have enjoyed these, if the tongue had not been fitted to discern and relish them? Also I really enjoyed reading this in the context of all the myths and legends I have been reading recently. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And lastly, the reputation convegsations honours that are acquired in Republics are often the cause of their ruin who possess oscrates – If I explain it not by my words, my actions speak it sufficiently, and do you think that actions deserve not rather to be believed than words?

The piece is a book on both economics and agriculture. The Polity of the Lacedaemonians Illustrated. Follow Us on Facebook. Plato was most likely influenced by philosophers like Pythagoras and Anaxagoras for this element of his thought.


There are other scattered writings on Socrates in general, but for the most part these two authors are referred to when trying to understand who this man was and what he taught. Several points in this section also seemed to echo though they historically precede the teachings of Christ.

Who would assist you if you needed someone? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Socrates wrote none of his own thoughts and activities down, leaving that to his associates.

Conversations of Socrates

He analyzes the nature of assets with his friend Critobulus and has an extensive conversation with Ischomachus about how to properly run an estate and whether knowledge of how to be a good estate-manager is innate or learned. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! Xenophon was, however, considered a great historian and wrote on a wide number of topics. Socratic dialogue Socratic intellectualism Socratic irony Socratic method Xenopho paradox Socratic problem Socratic questioning Socratici viri.

Conversations of Socrates – Xenophon – Google Books

Trivia About Conversations of Socraets And After Socrates. Retrieved from ” https: He sees what he is able to do, and what he is not able to do.

Think about the things you really know about Socrates. Chapter 3, The Dinner-Party. Xenophon is quite admirable in his devotion to defending Socrates good name and simultaneously painting a picture for the reader of the virtues that made this teacher so memorable. Sometimes I feel that they extended a little too much but all in all, these chapters gave a clear view of life in Greece in those times, Socrates’ train of thought and so on. I think this classic is well worth reading.

The role of Polycrates is one item in the debate over whether Xenophon’s treatment of Socrates reflects the historical Socrates, or is a largely fictional contribution to the literary debate about Socrates. Xenophon’s Socrates is more likely to give practical advice than to ask probing philosophical questions, and Xenophon is more interested in defending Socrates than in developing his philosophy.


Chapter 4, The Estate-Manager. He is informative and, when he tries, he tells a good story; and he does all this with writing which can afford pleasure and is always easy to read. Plato does much better at addressing this thoughtful import over the splay of his dialogues though he does of course at times mis use the figure of Socrates for his own ends; but who is to say that Xenophon, with his pragmatic interests in estates and morality, did not do the same in turn.

My friends can enjoy food and drink with pleasure and without effort, because they abstain until they feel a desire for them. Must not both of them keep those that are under them in submission and obedience?

Conversations of Socrates Summary & Study Guide

A teacher perhaps but not in the casual definition of the word. The Art of Always Being Right. Not so with Socrates. You must not imagine that your weak sight can reach to objects that are several leagues distant, and that the eye of God cannot, at one and the same time, see all things. I would confirm that it is round, I would see if it was the same color from all angles, I would determine its weight, and so on.

I just wish they could have reserved their comparisons for an epilogue. Of what advantage would agreeable scents have been to us if nostrils suited to their reception had not been given?