Chika Onyeani is the author of Capitalist Nigger ( avg rating, 99 ratings, 23 reviews, published Chika Onyeani’s Followers (11) Chika Onyeani’s books. Chika Onyeani Biography – – Chika Onyeani Biography and List of Works – Chika Onyeani Chika Onyeani Is the author of books such as Capitalist Nigger. Read “Capitalist Nigger: The Road To Success”, by Chika Onyeani online on Bookmate – Capitalist Nigger is an The book asserts that the Negroid race,.

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Onyeani has appropriated the term Nigger and put a new spin on it.

Chika Onyeani: Capitalist Nigger

Onnyeani sought-after speaker, Onyeani has been quoted, interviewed and written up by practically every major medium. He replied simply “inferiority complex”. A house without solid foundation is bound to crumple sooner or later.

Fhika include the exceptional intelligence and capability of the Jews, the industrious nature of Asians, bpoks the “killer instinct” and “devil-may-care” tenacity of Caucasians. I am tired of hearing Blacks always blaming others for their lack of progress in this world; I am tired of the whining and victim-mentality. The white master, Black slave mentality will continue to exist within the Black community because of our bools mentality. When the Afrikaners came to power inthey set about building their community.

Onyeani deplores the fact that Africans are in competition with one another and have no real will to support and build community.

Says the author, Chika Onyeani, “We are a conquered race and it is utterly foolish for us to believe that we are independent. Chika Onyeani is a journalist of international acclaim.


Chika Onyeani (Author of Capitalist Nigger)

The author of the phenomenally successful Capitalist Niggerwhich has sold more than copies in South Africa alone, offers a new collection of his speeches, articles and other writings over the last 15 years.

He wears the term as a badge of honour so when he is called Nigger he does not cringe and booka but stands up proud because the term does not demean him, does not reduce him in his understanding of himself. In South Africa, we onyeaji begin by learning from the Afrikaners. Onyeani wants Africans to face up to the reality of their situation.

Notify me of follow-up comments. Mothers by Jacqueline Rose 4 December Discussion: A few of his most inaccurate comments and racial stereotypes include: The Broederbond Conspiracy is a fiction book also written by Dr. Onyeani has received numerous awards for journalistic excellence. The author is sad that Black actors continue to clamor to play the role of James Bond without success, hence he decided to write “The Broederbond Conspiracy” to fulfill the aspirations of Blacks to play the James Bond role.

The basis of Onyeani’s argument is that Blacks must mimic Asian People and adopt what he calls a “spider-web doctrine”. Instead they should get on with building their lives and become producers rather than simply consumers. You should turn on JavaScript on your browser.

About the author Chika Onyeani is a journalist of international acclaim. They have copied from the West and improved on what they have learned.

What Africans do not demonstrate is loyalty to their own communities. But for Onyeani, poverty is disempowering.

onyeanu Africa is the poorest continent in the world and is a victim in every sense of the word in that it is dependent on other nations and has not developed the economic means to be independent.


Without economic independence, sooner or later we will be recolonized politically. Africans have to learn from others, even those they regard as the enemy, the strategies of economic empowerment. Where affirmative has not replaced onyeni professionalism and expertise, it still sustains the country.

Blacks are described as whiners, passive, economically illiterate, intellectually bankrupt and materialistic. Africa is the richest continent in the world. Retrieved from ” https: It is a joke and the height of stupidity, to claim to be chia when you depend on your oppressors for everything you use.

Political independence is empty without economic independence.

A Capitalist Nigger is not a victim. According to Onyeani, by adopting this economic concept Blacks will be able to attract wealth to their communities, and trap it there as a spider noyeani flies.

Capitalist Nigger: The Road To Success

In the book, he fights against a conspiracy organized by the Apartheid era white supremacist organization the Broederbond. As a predator and not a victim, I have decided to confront the truth of my misfortune and when I look in the mirror I see the culprit standing right in front of me — it is me. Book Reviews Chika Onyeani: Adapt until you inherit.

I see myself as an Economic Warrior for my people and not a victim.