Founder of Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd. and Future Group, Kishore Laxminarayan Biyani is a businessperson who has been the head of 7 different. Kishore Biyani is Chairman/CEO at Future Group. See Kishore Biyani’s compensation, career history, education, & memberships. Learning from Kishore Biyani is to look forward & never look back. Born on August 9, into a small trading family, Biyani started his first.

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Ashni Biyani, Future Consumer. Soon everyone started to understand his strategy and noticed the work he was doing and today — you love him or hate him but you cannot ignore biyano. New allegations against Ghosn concern payments to Saudi businessman – sources. His method of communication with both the media and financiers had been perceived as poor, as were his staff recruitment choices.

They were even forced to reduce the size of some of its other locations.

Considered at first to be an extravagant risk-taker lacking in worthy business connections, and shunned by his peers for all of these reasons, Biyani’s success with Big Bazaar had turned him into a revered figure in the Indian retail sector and a magnet for media attention. The elite food futurist, who discards the conventional mode of thinking, is now sharpening his focus in the food space at a time when retail chains run by the Tatas and Birlas have already forayed into this arena with a similar set-up.

From the B Schools. The book so far has sold almostcopies, which is far more than any other business book published in India. Director – Softtouch Multitrading Pvt Ltd.

Tesla names close Musk friend Larry Jishore to board. Things, says Biyani, will only get biograpy. Personally, Kishore has completed his graduation in the field of Commerce from the H.

While FCL is aggressive in product launches, if it does not have enough investment and resources, it could see some brands not taking off. Biyani began working in the family fabric-trading business, Bansi Silk Mills, but became frustrated with the conservative approach adopted there by his father, brothers and cousins.

A new range of brands need to be created for modern retail customers: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The group is now known for having an important standing in the Indian retail and fashion sectors, with their popular supermarket wings. Watch out for posts published under YoChef to discover entrepreneurial journeys and life lessons. Living people Viography from Mumbai. His career in actuality, started just when he neared the end of his graduation!


In addition to the threat posed by the conglomerates, the economic downturn affected Biyani’s business and his methods.

Biyani, for her part, is confident of her bets. Other new launches on the cards include bleach pens, white guards, colour grabbers for smart home cleaning category under the brand Prim; eight more variants of TomMayo, a hybrid between ketchup and mayonnaise; a new range of biscuits, snacks and biyanj products and a foray into baby products segment.

How Ashni Biyani, daughter of Kishore Biyani, is transforming the FMCG game

Never miss a great news story! Future Media India Ltd. Bythe Pantaloon franchise was turning over 9 million rupees but with a lishore profit margin. But that has not stopped him from constantly experimenting or trying out new ideas and that is exactly the key to any success!

Led by its flagship enterprise Pantaloon Retail, today operates around 16 million square feet of retail space in over 85 cities and towns and 65 rural locations across India.

Motivational Story : Kishore Biyani | -MBA Website, MBA Portal

Though the company has taken to mass media including TV advertising for some of its kishre such as Tasty Treat, Golden Harvest and Clean mate, others are still under the consumer radar. Kishore Biyani comes from a family that has been involved in business since the time of his grandfather, who opened a biyami shop in what was then called Bombay after moving there from the village of Nimbi Jodha in Rajasthan. Other than going on a spree of opening stores, he also spent a huge chunk on marketing as well, and by 94, word has it that Pantaloon franchise had turned into a 9 million laying hen, annually.

Having said that; he opened the first Big Bazaar in Kolkata in and within 22 days, he opened two more. Director – Future Media India Ltd. The move, analysts point out, is wise.

Future Enterprises Ltd Department Stores. YoChef puts the spotlight on emerging businesses and reputed personalities to help young entrepreneurs learn from their experiences. InBiyani floated 60 per cent of his business on the Indian stock market to raise funds for expansion, store improvements and marketing.


Kishore Biyani

Targeting affluent consumers its aim is to tap the urban Indian consumer who wants to experiment with both imported food items like wines and chocolates and grocery regulars like exotic spices and organic lentils.

He was, however, facing a threat from the much larger resources of conglomerates such as Aditya Birla Group and Reliance Industriesboth of whom had signalled an intention to move into the retail sector.

Sales plunged; bankers who until then had queued up at his offices started to call in their loans; mutual funds that had invested in his companies buckled under redemption pressures and decided to get out; sources of foreign capital dried; his market capitalization plunged two-thirds in a matter of six months; and Biyani who had invested way ahead of the cash flows from his network found himself trapped.

Pantaloon Retail stores as of date, occupy more than 70 million square feet of retail space all over the country, employ more than 35, people, have more than one-fourth of the population i. FALL Now as much as things were going great and success seemed to be touching his feet, the company took a bad hit. Kishore Biyani was born in August and is married to Sangita Biyani. Soon after that; Kishore began working on his next big project — Big Bazaar, a hypermarket with a dose of chaos stores that were crowded, noisy and a bit messy on purpose.

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Director – Samreen Multitrading Pvt Ltd. Nonetheless, by AprilBiyani’s business empire, including the non-retail elements, was performing less well than its competitors and there were concerns raised about its debt levels.

Pantaloons Retail had a debt-to-equity ratio of 3: These retail chains are present in more biogra;hy cities across India and attract over million customer footfalls annually.