Formulas & Strategies, Portable 2nd Edition- Bensky & Barolet. Bensky & Barolet. 1 book. SKU# Availability: Out of stock. MW Code: # Sign up to get. Practical insight and detail on + commonly used formulas in Chinese Dan Bensky Each of the plus principal formulas includes a discussion of its. Download Bensky – Formulas & Strategies Description. CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE Formulas & Strategies CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE Formulas.

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This type of pill is sometimes referred to as a ‘bolus. Likewise, a myriad of methods exist bensy the eight methods. The first is a formula index arranged by English name, which formklas allow the reader to quickly find all references to a formula in this book. There are many examples of this approach, the most common of which occur in cases wherein the constitution of the patient is weak and the pathogenic influence is strong.

Citation – Chinese herbal medicine : formulas & strategies – UW-Madison Libraries

Vormulas other cases, although the chief ingredients as a group may dominate the formula, one of the individual deputy or assistant ingredients may nonetheless have the largest single dosage. Formulas to Strategies 7 Root and Manifestation of Disease To maximize the benefit of a treatment and minimize its side-effects it is very important to determine which aspects of a disorder in a particular patient are most significant. I30 Comparative Tables of Principal Formulas. For example, in the twentysecond chapter of the first volume, Fofmulas Questions Su wenthere is a discussion about the actions of the different tastes: Should you experience less than optimal success in treating a patient, first review the diagnosis.

When these special treatments are required, they should be noted on the prescription that is given to the pharmacist. Minor Order the Qi Decoction xiao chenp. In areas where the tap water is polluted or has a high mineral content, distilled or clean bottled water may be substituted.

This is a strong strategy used for ejecting substantive pathogenic influences from the body. The second is a general index. Induces sweating by stimulating and disseminating the Lung qi, regulating and facilitating the interaction gormulas the nutritive and protective qi so that nensky pores open and pathogenic influences in the exterior or other superficial levels of the body can be released with bensyk sweat.


Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (Portable 2nd Edition)

I82 Separate and Reduce Decoction Cfen xiao tang. This is because measurement by weight is now the form of measurement used by pharmacies and other vendors for most medicinal substances.

Classifying the brnsky according to their underlying actions or strategies is such a method. The problem of categorizationbecame most acute during the Ming dynasty.

Writing Precise Prescriptions Book: Some texts also have a separate chapter for formulas that induce vomiting. These changes will be reflected in the second edition of that work. This is an essential part of constructing a formula.

This type of preparation is becoming increasingly popular in China. Take for example the coughing and wheezing associated with cold phlegm obstructing the Lungs in a patient suffering from underlying Kidney deficiency which leads to rebellious qi. Following a list of the signs and symptoms is an explanation of what this information tells you about the patient, i. I94 Three-Gold Decoction san jin tang.

The assistant ingredient, Cortex Moutan Radicis mu dun pidrains heat from the blood and assists Herba Artemisiae Annuae qing hao in venting the heat from the body. There are many different ways in which decoctions are prepared in China. Another example is heat from yin deficiency. I92 Eight-Herb Powder for Rectification bazhensan. One of the important figures of this era was Wang Ken-Tang, who lived in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.

Technical terms have been translated literally in most cases, as this generally gives the best sense of the word.

I52 Comparative Tables of Principal Formulas. Honey makes the pills moist and lubricating, and has a moderating effect on the actions of other ingredients in the formulas. Another very important figure was the early seventeenth-century physician, Zhang Jing-Yue.

With so many ingredients it is difficult to distinguish the effect of any one, or to tell whether the effect is the result of the formula as a whole. For example, heat is treated with cold, cold is treated with heat, stagnation is treated by promoting movement, leakage is treated by stabilizing and binding. When there is a significant difference between the original ingredients, dosage, or method of preparation and those used at present, it will be noted in this section.

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It is true that this book alludes to many different aspects of disease, including the strength of the pathogenic influence, the location and progression of the disease, the constitutional strength of the patient, and the need for treatment. This addition forms Minor Construct the Middle Decoction xiao jian zhong tangwhich is indicated for spasmodic pain in the abdomen due to consumptive deficiency. The type and dosage of herbs used during the summer, in a hot climate, and for a weak or debilitated patient should be considerably less potent than those used for treating the same disorder during the winter, in a cold climate, and for a strong or robust patient.

I76 Polyporus Decoction zhu ling tang.

For this reason, we have included a brief overview of this tradition in the introduction. Traditional Strategies The use of particular strategies or methods of treatment has been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine for at least two thousand years. Thus, an appropriate warming formula, such as Cold Extremities Decoction si ni tangwould be directed at the underlying cold nature of the disorder, rather than the apparent but false symptoms of heat. The vast majority of the formulas included in this book were listed in most of our sources, although some can be found in only one or two.

However, a careful examination of the passages from Basic Questions upon which this system is based reveals some problems. The classical formulas show us how much can be done with elegantly formed prescriptions that are honed for a specific condition. Treating like this is really negligent. This is reflected in the proportion of formulas in our book that originated in different historical periods of Chinese medicine. There are few references to any of the theories which we now associate with traditional Chinese medicine.

I68 Formulas that Expel Dampness. They are thus the link between the clinical indications and the ingredients. Zhang Yuan-Su, a prominent physician of the Jin-Tartar era who had a great influence on the course of Chinese herbal medicine, noted that “The [ingredient] with the greatest power is the chief.