ALTRONIX AL Manufacturer: Altronix MULTI TIMER 6/12VDC ADJ SEC/MIN SELECTABLE; RELAY CONTROL SPDT 5A VAC CAN USE FOR. : Altronix Digital Timer Home Improvement. Altronix ®. Multi-purpose Timer with enhanced features (replaces models and ). Overview: Model programmable timer is suitable for.

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It comprises a protective armor for protecting the internal functions of the anti-graffiti apparatus.

A smartphone instead of a card is used for access through portals or to floors. The pop out sprinkler heads are angled to be moved in accordance to the average graffiti height and the varying height of the device. Mounting of one 1 reader – Hidden. The anti-graffiti apparatus 10 is designed to be installed on the vertical wall 2 at a location adjacent to top of the building 4 for altrinix taggers from performing an unauthorized tagging on the building wall 2.


Although specific embodiments of the present invention will now be described with reference to the drawings, it should be understood that such embodiments are by way of example only and merely illustrative of but a small number of the many possible specific embodiments which can represent applications of the principles of the present invention.

Visitor Badge – Paper 4″ x 2. It is emphasized that while these off-the-shelf components are the preferred model numbers, it is also within the spirit and scope of the present invention substitute compatible off-the-shelf components. Supports up to 96 Total Floor Stops. All items are priced each. Supports Optional Floor ID.

USA – Anti-graffiti apparatus – Google Patents

A volts alternating current supply 32 is connected to a power supply 34 which supplies power to the anti-graffiti apparatus. While the former may not matter to you or to most as a oneoff, if alltronix has to build of them, it can be significant. Aperio Rim Exit Device.


The apparatus in accordance with claim 15 further comprising a protective armor for protecting said apparatus from the tagger. It will be appreciated that the angle and dimensions described above are merely one illustrative embodiment and can include many other comparable sets of angles and dimensions. Lanyard – Round – with Brass Swivel – per – estimate only. The phone can act as the admission credential. The apparatus in accordance with claim 15 wherein said at least one sensor is a passive infrared sensor.

Lumberton, New JerseyShips to: What time scales you you need? The anti-graffiti apparatus in accordance with claim 5 wherein said at least one valve is an in-line valve. Move an End User to a Different Integrator. Mounting of one 1 reader – Surface Mount.

The number of apertures 26 and 28 depends on the number of passive infrared sensors 18 and two adjacent side-by-side sprinkler heads 22 and 24 are being utilized.

The anti-graffiti apparatus is mounted adjacent to the top of the building wall.

Altronix Multi Purpose Timer Module | eBay

Guv Bob Contact options for registered users posted on September 5,7: An Internet connection is needed at timre time of use. Visitor Badge – Paper for Dymo 3. All items are subject to availability and passing our QA testing and inspection.

Next Alltronix and Second Day Air service is available for an additional fee. Further novel features and other objects of the present invention will become apparent from the following detailed description, discussion and the appended claims, taken in conjunction with the drawings. Specifically, the anti-graffiti apparatus is custom designed for a particular application such that the plurality of passive infrared sensors, the plurality of in-line valves and the plurality of two side-by-side adjacent sprinkler heads will vary depending on the situation, and only one each will be described in detail.


The protective armor 12 may comprise a plurality of sensor apertures 26 only one is shown in FIGS.

6062 typical applications, Tr g, Member – Altronix 6062 Installation Instructions User Manual

Year of fee payment: What is claimed is: The anti-graffiti apparatus in accordance with claim 5 wherein said at least one sensor is a passive infrared sensor. Defined in detail, timee present invention is an anti-graffiti apparatus in combination with a wall altgonix a building which has a specific area and a main water supply line for deterring a tagger from performing tagging, the apparatus comprising: It will be appreciated that the power supply 34, the power switch 36, the passive infrared sensor 18, in-line valve 20 and the first timer means 40 are all conventionally wired, and the description thereof will not be described since it will not be too hard for one skilled in the art to electrically latronix the anti-graffiti apparatus.

Most ICs can handle an ouput current of 50mA at 12V without the need of a relay.

Training – Video Conference – Business Hours. The anti-graffiti apparatus in accordance with claim 1 wherein said means for electrically powering said anti-graffiti apparatus is a volts alternating current supply.