So there is a bit of an interesting story that goes along with me deciding to read this book. I first spotted its not-so-subtle cover on the desk of my coworker. Results 1 – 26 of 26 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Alissa-Nutting books online. Free delivery Alissa Nutting. Filter your La lezione · Alissa. E-bok, Laddas ned direkt. Köp Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls av Alissa Nutting på La lezione. Alissa Nutting. Köp.

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We do not want them to be human, we do not want them to be redeemable, we do not want them to be capable of rehabilitation.

Elly Helcl rated it 4 years ago http: I simply didn’t like this book because Celeste was so disgustingly vain that I wanted to kill her. Credo che l’obiettivo fosse quello di mostrare la differenza di comportamento nei confronti dei pedofili a seconda del loro sesso. Tampa by Alissa Nutting 6 57 Oct 04, Some aspects of humanity ARE disturbing, but it’s much more comforting to feel as though we have a slight insight into how these people operate, having used fictional examples of well drawn characters, by talented authors, who have played out various scenarios and helped us lezine understand them so much better.

I scanned through this book mostly trying to find something redeemable in the subject matter, but, alas, there wasn’t much — just porn for porn’s sake. And when she wasn’t having lewd rendezvous with 14 year old boys, I was bored.

Se maschi sono criminali e assassini, se nutting Perhaps because every page brought some new embarrassment. Celeste Price is an eighth-grade English teacher in suburban Tampa. Nutting isn’t trying to coax the reader into being sympathetic, but rather obviously intends to shock and appall as much as she possibly lezone. So I did some nutring. The kind that are gifted storytellers. Books by Alissa Nutting.


Our protagonist also pretty much gets away with preying on children because she’s young and pretty. Within weeks of her first term at a new school, Celeste has lured the charmingly modest Jack Patrick into her web – car rides after dark, rendezvous at Jack’s house while his single father works the late shift, and body-slamming encounters in Celeste’s empty classroom between periods. Las Lecciones Peligrosas Alissa Nutting. This website uses its own cookies so that you have the best user experience.

Still others confront and embrace their most depraved desires, carving out power for themselves in worlds that relentlessly ask for conformity. A space cargo deliverywoman enlists the help of her cybersex partner to release her mother from cryogenic prison. Put this book down. Paperbackpages. I am pretty sure the intent of this book was not to be funny, but it is so laughably implausible I found myself confused throughout most of the book, is it ok to laugh, I don’t think this is supposed to be funny.

Instead, she just picks a random student because he appears “different” and “quiet” which MUST equal he won’t tell on her.

La lezione

In this darkly comic and surreal collection from celebrated author Alissa Nutting, misfit women scramble for agency in a series of uncanny circumstancesThroughout these breathtakingly creative seventeen stories spread across time, space, and differing planes of reality, we encounter a host nutying women and girls in a wide range of unusual jobs.

Live in your skin in stead of your brain. Made for Love Alissa Nutting E-bok.

I got lezoone from this book. And really I skimmed it. Read it if you want to be preached to, and have no real interest in human psychology and sexuality whatsoever. I would like to add a few more; hilarious, amateurish, crap. Just like with the adults who do this, and why they do it.

Look away for spoilers!

La lezione by Alissa Nutting on Apple Books

I think all men find nuttingg girls attractive, whether they be 19 or a developed 14, but they have the morals to not act on it.


La protagonista narra in prima persona le sue giornate da insegnante, in cui non fa altro che pensare a come acchiappare qualche tenebroso quattordicenne per soddisfare il suo famelico, insaziabile e inquietante appetito sessuale.

Is a book about vampires expected to nuttign to Stoker’s …more Do you think it was the author’s intention to “add to the basic Lolita story”?

Heller and Coleman gave their characters depth and complexity. Growing up, she develops a unique coping mechanism: Well, in Tampa, the pedophile is a perfect looking psychopath in her twenties who thinks about sex with prepubescent teenagers nonstop. I’m supposed to squirm alisaa feel like a bad girl, giggle and blush a little, call a girlfriend and whisper about how naughty it all is.

But instead, there’s nothing there to actually link us with her and give us any sense of compassion. My brain was the nail. I wanted to see more of a predatory theme here, where she discusses how she goes about not getting caught or how she picks her victims.

Around the Year lw Open Preview See a Problem?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie remembers a childhood friend—who later died as a soldier in Nigeria—with a pot of fragrant jollof rice. No, the problem is that it’s not enough to just do a Killer Inside Me-style “Hey, y’all, I’m a major sociopath and it’s a hoot” and add some ripped-from-the-headlines woman-on-boy sexual predation. Into a human being who does horrific things. What makes each tale so moving is not only the deeply personal revelations from celebrated writers, but also the compassion and healing behind the story: Right outside the house she just left.